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    Tier 2 Magic Items Empty Tier 2 Magic Items

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    Amulet of Breathing, 1000 Gold
    Anyone wearing this item will be able to breathe underwater.

    Amulet of Missile Protection, 1000 Gold
    This amulet imperfectly protects its wearer from incoming missiles.

    Barkskin Amulet, 500 Gold
    The flesh of the wearer turns rough and bark-like, making him less vulnerable to cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, he will also become somewhat more susceptible to fire damage.

    Bracers of Protection, 500
    These iron bracers are inscribed with protective runes. The bracers increase the defense of the owner and the strength of his armor.

    Burning Pearl, 500
    Inside this pearl is a small, ever-burning fire that flickers in the dark. The pearl will grant partial protection from fire and increased attack skill to anyone holding it.

    Cat Charm, 1000
    The wearer of this charm will have catlike reflexes when threatened. These reflexes can make all the difference when it comes to surviving a battle. It is also said that a woman wearing this amulet will become more beautiful and a man wearing it will become weak and feminine.

    Cat's Eye Amulet, 1000
    An amulet in the shape of a cat's face set with two cat's eye stones. When properly enchanted, the stones will give the wearer darkvision and increase his stealth ability. This amulet is popular among thieves and murderers.

    Clam of Pearls, 1000
    This small shell is taken from a living clam and is inscribed with runes of creation and absorption. The enchanted shell contains two pearls of short lived Astral essence. These pearls can be used to power up to two Astral combat spells, but the pearls are not stable enough to be used for the more time consuming rituals.

    Effigy of War, 1000
    The shamans of the wolf tribes are known to craft effigies from wood and the bones of beasts and fallen enemies. These effigies project the memories of the bones and are surrounded by the spirits of the dead. Spectral beasts and warriors appear in the vicinity of the army, fooling scouts and spies that observe the army. An army with an effigy will appear to be 50 men larger than it actually is.

    Enormous Cauldron of Broth, 1500
    As the name implies, this is a truly enormous cauldron filled with broth. Once emptied, the cauldron will begin to refill itself, ready to be emptied again. Although not very popular among the ranks, the broth is filling and the cauldron provides large quantities of food.

    Eye of Aiming, 500
    By replacing his own eye with this magic gem, a man will improve the eyesight of his remaining eye enormously. This can be very useful for archers or mages who need to target enemies at long distances.

    Fire in a Jar, 500
    This jar contains fire that can be used instead of a Fire gem to power one Fire combat spell. The power of the fire is too short-lived to be used for rituals.

    Gossamer Cloth, 1500
    A piece of cloth made from dreams and hopes. It is said that the Tuatha wear clothing made from gossamer for they have the power of Glamour. The Gossamer Cloth enables its wearer to cover his fellows in glamour and shadows, preventing them from being detected by enemy scouts. Up to 25 individuals are made invisible by the enchantment of the cloth.

    Handful of Acorns, 500
    When planted in the ground these enchanted acorns will produce three vinemen that will aid the wearer in battle.

    Stone Familiar, 500
    A small stone figurine. Enchanted by a practitioner of Blood Magic the Lesser Demon inside can be called forth from the figurine to aid the mage in research, but it will also emerge from its prison to protect its master should he be attacked. If it is killed it returns to Hell.

    Lodestone Amulet, 500
    An enchanted lodestone that gives the wearer some protection from magical attacks.

    Owl Quill, 500
    This pen writes down everything its owner says, making research, administrative duties, forging signatures and writing while illiterate easier.

    Pendant of Luck, 500
    The unicorn is a symbol of good luck. This amulet will grant the wearer luck in battle.

    Ring of Levitation, 500
    This ring will make its wearer levitate a foot above the ground. Useful for not getting your boots dirty as well as evading earthquakes.

    Ring of the Warrior, 500
    A ruby or red glass is set in an silver-iron ring, a Blood Mage kills two innocent blood slaves and the wickedness of the assault empowers the wearer with attack skill.

    Wound Fend Amulet, 1000
    An amulet set with an enchanted lapis lazuli stone. Lapis lazuli is known as the sky stone. It can grant both physical and mental health if properly enchanted.

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