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    Tier 1 Magic Items Empty Tier 1 Magic Items

    Post by Admin on Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:21 pm

    These are lowly, inexpensive magic items most of which can be crafted by a path level one or two mage.
    Bear Claw Talisman, 1000 Gold
    +5 Strength
    This bear claw is enchanted to strengthen its wearer. This is a very manly talisman and it is said that a woman wearing it will grow a deeper voice and maybe even a beard.

    Berserker Pelt, 500 Gold
    Protection 9, occupies normal armor slot
    +1 Berserk
    This wolf pelt will enrage its wearer, increasing his strength and battle prowess, but reducing his defense.

    Boots of Long Strides, 500 Gold
    x2 movement per turn
    These soft boots are made from the skin of unborn calves. They grant their wearer the ability to run with unsurpassed speed.

    Boots of Water Walking, 500 Gold
    With these boots on the wearer will only sink slowly when stepping onto a river and it is quite easy to keep from sinking at all by just walking continuously. This way it is possible to pass rivers and other short stretches of water.

    Rabbit Foot Charm, 500 Gold
    +1 Twist Fate
    The rabbit foot is a symbol of good luck. Once per week the luck from the rabbit foot will be able negate an attack that should otherwise have injured its wearer. The attack can be negated even outside of combat, but the amulet does not protect against attacks that cause instant death.

    Ring of Fire, 500 Gold
    +15 Fire Resist
    The ruby in this ring eats fire and gives the wearer almost total immunity from heat and flames.

    Ring of Frost, 500 Gold
    This sapphire ring gives the owner almost total immunity from cold in all forms.

    Ring of Tamed Lightning, 500 Gold
    This aquamarine ring gives the owner almost total immunity from lightning.

    Skull Talisman, 500 Gold
    This talisman grants the wearer the ability to lead a few undead units as if he were a novice necromancer. In addition, one skeleton will guard the wearer of the talisman at all times.

    Snake Ring, 500 Gold
    This ring gives the wearer almost total immunity to poisons and the ability to poison enemies by touching them.

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