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    Two Kinds of Quests


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    Two Kinds of Quests Empty Two Kinds of Quests

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:34 pm

    There are two kinds of quest, both give gold.

    The first is a Favor Quest in which you will attempt to curry favor with a national faction, expanded on below.

    The second is a Benefit Quest in which you are gaining a material advantage, such as resources or staff.

    Favor Quests
    Each nation has four groups that each strive to improve their power within their own systems, those are: Royalty, Nobility, Clergy and Merchants.
    This is measured by their influence which the party can take on a quest to raise. However influence for each of these groups rests at 25% and will gradually return to this point.

    If you wish to influence a nation you must interact with members of these groups.

    Benefit Quests
    These quests are different to Favor quests in that they are to advance the guild's goals or agendas, one might wish to acquire an astral mage without paying the initial cost, this can be done by going on a Quest with benifts . The benefit of course will highly depend on the situation, and if none is stated I will come up with one.

    Keep in mind the benefit is not guaranteed and it must make sense.

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