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    Two Kinds of Quests


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    Two Kinds of Quests

    Post by Admin on Mon Dec 31, 2018 1:34 pm

    There are two kinds of quest.

    The first is a Favor Quest in which you will attempt to curry favor with a national faction, expanded on below.

    The second is a Benefit Quest in which you are gaining favor with a non-nation faction, this generally has other benefits.

    Favor Quests
    Each nation has four groups that each strive to improve their power within their own systems, those are: Royalty, Nobility, Clergy and Merchants.
    This is measured by their influence which the party can take on a quest to raise. However influence for each of these groups rests at 25% and will gradually return to this point.

    If you wish to influence a nation you must have a relationship of 10/10 with at least two of these groups and they must have majority influence.

    Doing this is vital if you wish to make an ally of a nation and have them join you in the upcoming war.

    Benefit Quests
    These quests are different to Favor quests in that they are for the smaller groups around the continent, each has relationship milestones which will benefit the party in some capacity, for example at 5/10 a group might gift a skilled individual that the party can hire for free and also not pay the wage of. The benefit will highly depend on what kind of group you're helping.

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