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    Instruments of Magic Empty Instruments of Magic

    Post by Admin on Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:08 pm

    Instruments of Magic are necessary for casting magic that has a path or school requirement above 1.
    Creativity is encouraged when picking the form of your instrument.

    Here are the three kinds are: Free hand, One handed, Two handed

    Free handed instruments allow the user to freely use other items such as conventional weapons.
    They provide no magical benefits.
    5 Gold

    One handed instruments leave one hand free for other things and allow for magic.
    Binding a path or school allows for a 25% stamina cost reduction in that area.
    10 Gold

    Two handed instruments disallow use of other objects without using a minor action. They play no roll in melee combat.
    These enable you to have a +1 in either a path or a school.
    15 Gold


    Magic Gems are 10 Gold each
    Blood slaves are 20 each and do not recharge.
    Gems are set to a certain Path and cannot be changed.
    After one use gems need twenty four hours to recharge.

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