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    A Noble's Bet


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    A Noble's Bet Empty A Noble's Bet

    Post by xelawoof on Tue 1 Jan 2019 - 8:17

    1 Destroy/Kill(it technically just a completion to see who stronger, not a death match)
    2 NPC a noble
    3 Haudenosaunee
    4 Large

    In a few day begins the fair where all the nations in the human Continent brings their some of their fighters for some fun fights for everyone. Our nation have been dealing with a loosing streak for some years now and we wish to end it now, I made a bet against a noble Naabeehó for a large sum of gold if we win.  We got our best warrior ready for any challengers that they may faced and they all caught the plague. So if any one is kind enough to fight on our behalf we would be willing to split the profit. Oh and remember not to get to bloody if the fights, kids are in the audience.

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