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    Any given Coven Creation can easily be called a "Skin-Demon" however that identification is flawed for anything before year -25 AG as the physical characteristics that would earn that name did not start occurring until said year.

    Over roughly 200 years the cultures and beliefs of Humanity were eroded and in their place, legislation and policies that supplanted all autonomy and identity that turned mankind into a slave race.

    During this process Madam Argis found that mankind is especially susceptible to Demonic possession, the rate of rejection and other mishaps being noticeably low compared to other races. This list contains major breakthroughs in the field of Demonology narrowed down to Humanity's "contributions".






    Year: -25 AG

    These men are easily identified by their oversized spines, which along with most of their other bones grow to oversized proportions. This is detrimental when fighting in ranks but masses of bones are quite intimidating so fights seldom last long.

    The bulk of modified human fighting forces, "Doom" troops are comparatively the least visually altered of all human troops.

    Normally a siege will take months or even years, "Break" troops are known for breaking sieges as their limbs are very good for climbing walls. This reduces sieges to mere days or weeks.

    Like all Demon-Skins their skin was replaced with its demonic counterpart when damaged, "Iron" men however took this to an extreme. "Iron"-Skins grew protective shells over their already hard skin that made them all but immune to the most devastating of steel and spells.

    Somehow more aggressive than their comrades these beings were made with less tactics in mind and more shock-charging. The muscles of these would grow and strain their already reinforced bones, mentally a deviation from the normal is that they are in a loop of memories or thoughts that inspire rage taking their already impressive physical features to greater heights as they project these frustrations onto those they face in battle.

    For as subtle as you might expect anyone possessed by a Demon to be, Sleepers were very effective when stealth was required. Not only are they conditioned to be calm under pressure but even in the latest stages of physical possession they are able and willing to follow orders. Additionally these beings could enter a kind of hibernation, this allowed them to hide in banks of snow for months, on battlefields, and stand as guards to certain locations for years at a time.

    VERA195 - "Abominae"
    A rank as much as a classification, if a certain Skin-Demon showed exceptional leadership skills they could be given the rank of "Colonel", this was the highest rank any Human could achieve as they always served under Hoher-Politiker.

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