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    Hirelings Guide, FAQ, Q:A

    Post by Admin on Wed Dec 26, 2018 1:18 am

    FAQ, frequently asked questions

    Q:A, Questions and answers (You can reply to this post and I'll respond )

    There are two kinds of hirelings: Retinue, Guild Staff

    Retinue You hire retinue members, with your gold. They answer to you and you alone, unless you tell them to co-operate with others. You and I will privately discuss what they are doing between sessions. At the end of a mission your share will automatically have their wages subtracted from it, unless you tell me not to do that, then you’ll have to explain why they aren’t being paid this week and you’ll risk them leaving. They will automatically stay in the guild hall but they don’t necessarily have to.

    Guild Staff The guild gets a share of mission rewards. This gold, among other things, is used to hire staff and pay their wages. The party must arrive at a majority vote(51%) before one is hired. (Edit:) I, the Guild Master, will also hire staff with this funding. Unlike a retinue those hired can be used by all members of the guild. It of course highly depends on their profession, their skill level(1-7) and the task assigned but they can be relied upon to do as they are asked between missions. Gold rewards are also reduced by staff wages but these individuals’ wages are half of what it would normally cost.
    At the beginning of a week the NPCs that can be hired are replaced with new NPCs, their hiring cost will be random but also relative to their skill level.


    Q: What benefits are there to having staff?
    A: They make money, acquire things, watch your stuff, watch your enemies and look good at parties. 

    Q: What will their wage be?
    A: An NPC’s wage is 1/10th of the initial hiring cost.

    Q: Am I going to lose out significantly if I just want to adventure and not play a small business management sim?
    A: No, if you don't want to use this system I as the guild master will hire staff.

    Q: Can I bring some NPCs on missions?
    A: Yes but you'll need to give them Hazard Pay.

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