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    Weraana Eridann - Hunter



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    Weraana Eridann - Hunter

    Post by Admin on Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:51 pm

    Strength: 13
    Dexterity: 16
    Constitution: 15
    Intelligence: 12
    Wisdom: 13
    Charisma: 10

    Age: 27

    Athletics: 1
    Survival: 3
    Perception: 3

    Weraana Eridann is a member of Ginno's personal retinue and cannot be fired.

    Weraana was once a Outlander occasionally entering towns to sell pelts and meats. One unfortunate visit landed him in jail after being accused of a murder of a mage that happened before he had arrived in town, the citizens were ready to have him hung for this crime but a second mage demanded he have a trial where he would be sufficiently humiliated.

    The night before the trial however the second mage revealed himself to be Ginno and he knew the Outlander had nothing to do with it, so after a daring rescue the two set off to find the real murderer.

    Now-a-days the murder remains unsolved but there are more important things to do now that he and Ginno are living on the fringes of civilization.

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