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    Searc Starcrest - Apprentice



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    Searc Starcrest - Apprentice

    Post by Admin on Sun Dec 23, 2018 11:13 pm

    Strength: 12
    Dexterity: 12
    Constitution: 10
    Intelligence: 12
    Wisdom: 18
    Charisma: 12

    Age: 17

    Insight: 6
    Religion: 2

    Searc Starcrest is a member of Ginno's personal retinue and cannot be fired.

    Searc Starcrest is the oldest of 5 children to a peasant family. In the Nation of Niedrigster-Herrscher all young Hoher-Politiker are givenĀ educations while human children, such as Searc, are sometimes tested for magical aptitude. This was Searc's chance to leave her impoverished life of dirt farming.

    What the attendant Hoher-Politiker found was that she had the Seer ability. There are two primary versions of Seer abilities, the first is through supernatural insight, to see what the future holds. The second is having uncanny spatial awareness that can stretch farther than the person's actual senses would allow. Hers seemed to the the latter.

    As you can imagine this was an important find for any self-respecting minion of a despot. She was immediately sent to a university to be trained, the nearest just so happened to have Ginno visiting and being a Seer himself it only made sense that he should make an apprentice out of her.

    Some years later she was expelled when Ginno supposedly faked a research paper. Not wishing to return to her farm life she followed Ginno into this Adventuer's Guild endeavor.

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