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    Renath - Laborer



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    Renath - Laborer

    Post by Admin on Sun Dec 23, 2018 9:33 pm

    Strength: 14
    Dexterity: 13
    Constitution: 14
    Intelligence: 12
    Wisdom: 13
    Charisma: 10

    Age: 29

    Nature: 3
    Animal Handling: 3
    Intimidation: 2
    Athletics: 4

    Renath is a member of Ginno's personal retinue and cannot be fired.

    Renath is a large man who has many skills that make him worth keeping around. He knows enough about plants to keep himself and others fed for days in the forest. He know how hitch horses to a carriage and even break wild ones. His size comes from his fitness, allowing him to be very athletic and it certainly helps when he wants to be scary.

    Having served Ginno loyally for the last 10 years, this man is a trusted advisor or he would be if his tongue wern't cut out to prevent him from sharing secrets.

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