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    Aralsia Weraaln - Clerk



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    Aralsia Weraaln - Clerk

    Post by Admin on Sun Dec 23, 2018 8:14 pm

    Strength: 12
    Dexterity: 13
    Constitution: 11
    Intelligence: 14
    Wisdom: 14

    Age: 30

    Deception: 4
    History: 4
    Insight: 4

    Aralsia Weraaln is a member of Ginno's personal retinue and cannot be fired.

    Aralsia is an manipulative and greedy person. While a young women she signed up for the university Ginno was teaching at with the sole intention of stealing powerful magic items and selling them at a black market. During the three weeks she spent there she stole and sold no less than 17 trinkets and 6 minor items. These heists were eventually stopped by Ginno's Seer skills. While she would have rotted in jail for many years for this offense but unexpectedly Ginno decided to help her escape.

    Once free Ginno offered her a job as his aid, as an aid her functions included: item acquisition, black mailing, fencing, smuggling and other less legitimate means of making money and advancing one's self.

    An injury she received while on a job forced her to take a less active roll in the day-to-day work. Work still needed to be done however so with her reputation and a little bit of gold in the right places she established an underground network in Landeplatz, the capital of Niedrigster-Herrscher.

    Ginno was ejected from the university he worked at and being his aid she shared this fate. Now the two of them are here making a future in the name of the Adventure's Guild.

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