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    Post by Admin on Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:50 am

    When Madam Argis, or Madam Rose as the Humans were fond of calling her, found humanity she tore their beliefs apart with her efforts to modernize them. As a direct consequence she and her daughters became the replacement.

    The Red Church, also known as the Eternal Rose Church, is the largest Human church, with approximately 1.3 million followers. As the world's "closest source of divinity", it has played a prominent role in the history and development of Human civilisation. The church is headed by the Heir of Niedrigster-Herrscher, known as the The Governess in Red. Human-Coven theology is based on the Sklaven-Glauben.

    teaches that it is the “mother” of humanity and in a way this is true as religious conversion was a major component in modernization efforts that began circa 225 years ago. The church venerates Fereliss Argis, or Madam Rose, as humanity’s savior, protector and great ancestor. Additionally Fereliss Argis’ 6 daughters are also held in similar high regard. The worship of each encompasses what they oversaw before they, like Madam Rose, vanished. They are as such:

    Dabai Argis
    Friend of All, Princess of Writing and Speech, the Stone Mistress
    Order, Chaos

    Lulvin Argis
    Master of the Harvest, Patriot of Soldiers
    Growth, Death

    Ahus Argis
    Lady of Hope, the Unforgiving Queen
    Magic, Drain

    Vepedu Argis
    Madam of Unexpected Pleasure and Sorrow, Enemy of Reason
    Luck, Misfortune

    Dorenzo Argis
    Maker of the Cold North, the Lady of Summer
    Cold, Heat

    Uhirshos Argis
    Lady of the Open Road, Patron of Merchants
    Work, Rest

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