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    Enchanted. +3 Damage +2 Attack and +2 Defense. 50 Gold

    Life Drain. Steal ½ of damage+1d6 hp on hit. 100 Gold

    Bane. Damage inflicts permanent hp loss. 500 Gold

    Moon. User rolls twice to resist magic damage. Magic beings take x2 damage. 100 Gold

    Hell. Double-Crits Banish target to Hell. 600 Gold

    Barbed. Deal 2 poison damage for 3 turns. New hits stack damage and restart turn timer. 250 gold

    Fire Branding. 1d14 Fire Damage on hit. 250 Gold

    Frost Branding. 1d14 Cold Damage on hit. 250 Gold

    Soul Bound. If disarmed take an action to manifest your weapon back in your hand. 300 Gold

    Screaming Blade. This enchantment that makes a weapon scream whenever you swing it and the volume is directly tied to how fast it's swung. 25 Gold

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