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    Major Factions

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    The Free Traders - Based out of Kievan Rus' they have employees in every major settlement. They have numerous caravans that are protected by sub-contracted mercenaries. Members pay nominal fees to operate under the faction name to the member directly above them.
    Leadership: Keren Nedz
    Strongholds: 5
    Manpower: 7000
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Coven Exiles - A witch who has been exiled seldom retires peacefully. Witches have a well earned reputation for manipulation, dozens of bandit groups have been made to serve exiled witches.
    Leadership: None
    Strongholds: Unknown(many)
    Manpower: Unknown(many)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil

    Cult of the Dragon God Corpse - Eastern Lizards followed instructions left to them by a Dragon or possibly  have lead them to a humongous Dragon jaw stuck in the base of a mountain where they have set up camp and attack anyone who gets too close.
    Leadership: Nessashi Gopiloden
    Strongholds: 2
    Manpower: 500
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Banefire Keepers - A religious order that maintain unholy flames that cause flesh to wither and die on contact.
    Leadership: Glasef Dov
    Strongholds: 5
    Manpower: 200

    The Bronze Buckles - A smuggling group based in the City of Leon. The Smuggling band’s primary color is Bronze, edging most of their banners and uniforms with the color. On banners the silhouette of a badger can be seen. The leader is a charismatic demagogue who preeches equality and freedom for all. The outlaw band’s members are primarily refugees, mostly humans who believe in eliminating the oppression in the Coven Claimant state. Members typically arm themselves with axes and knives as they are cheap and not suspicious should they be searched. They have their headquarters is hidden under a brothel. The outlaw band is feared priests and sages who justify the oppression in the area. Membership requires they wear bronze buckles at all times. The smuggling ring's primary modus operandi involves a network of safehouses. The ring is supported by a prominent merchant who owns every location including the brothel. This merchant also believes in fighting oppression and is good friends with the leader of the smuggling ring.
    Stongholds: 1
    Manpower: 300
    Chaotic neutral

    The Bloodlords - While it is common for Wallachia slavers to deal in blood slaves none have used them to the extent the Bloodlords have. Each member is empowered by the blood of the innocent.
    Leadership: Girdirn Farsteam
    Strongholds: 1
    Manpower: 150
    Alignment: Neutral Evil

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