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    Post by Admin on Thu Oct 25, 2018 6:16 pm

    A favorite tool of Madam Argis, or Madam Rose as the humans named her, when it was time to conquer the world but that was a long time ago and the dark age that happened when the Coven fell affected Humans too.
    Kings of endurance and okay that everything else.
    Oddly cooperative with each other but also constantly having small wars
    Usually Neutral-Good
    Speed of 30ft per turn

    The ruling body of The Coven was called the Council of 13, all members of the Council of 13 were Hoher-Politiker, but now the all Council members are either dead or missing.
    Operate on a "Survival of the Cunning" mindset.
    Currently a large collection of monarchies are all claiming they are the "rightful heir" to The Coven's former territories
    Nearly always Lawful-Evil.
    Speed of 30ft per turn

    Bird dudes
    Their High-King is considered divine
    Built for cold
    Favor ambushes and hit-and-run tactics
    Speed of 30ft per turn

    Two-legged people sized dinosaurs
    Highly mercantile
    Slightly Communist
    Usually Lawful-Neutral
    Speed of 25ft per turn

    They were supposed to be mythological mermaids, the kind that seduce sailors and then drown and eat them. But player-canon changed them to Murlocks and I just had to roll with it.
    Society run by Mind-Controlling Coral
    99% Chaotic-Evil
    Speed of 25ft per turn

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