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    Quest making guide Empty Quest making guide

    Post by Admin on Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:45 pm

    Quests are "built" by the party.
    There are of course incompatible options but in the end it's up to you.
    The difficulty and thus reward is determined by how long the quest is.

    Part one:
    1 Liberate/Recover/Intercept
    2 Destroy/Kill
    3 Guard/Defend
    4 Transport/Escort/Journey To
    5 Create/Build/Summon
    6 Gather Information About

    Part two:
    1 Item
    2 NPC
    3 Message/Information
    4 Secret or Dangerous Location
    5 Magical Equipment
    6 Monster
    7 Location
    8 Lost Knowledge

    Part three:
    1 Haudenosaunee
    2 Niedrigster-Herrscher
    3 Meerah
    4 Dau-tangl
    5 Hill-Shah-Yann
    6 Any other faction in this list. http://skyarch.forumotion.com/t73-major-and-minor-factions
    7 Gem Location. http://skyarch.forumotion.com/t40-gem-locations#40
    8 Other

    "Primary Quests" What are they? Well a way complete the main objective you need to gain favor with a certain faction. After a certain number of Primary Quests you unlock a Faction's Quests which if successful will ally themselves with the guild, this is a step towards the "Alliance of Man" ending.

    The quests themselves are intentionally generic, because we'll never start if I want to make a unique quest line for every faction.

    Small       ----- Between 5 and 7 rooms. 1000 Gold
    Medium    ----- Between 7 and 10 rooms. 1200 Gold
    Large       ----- Between 11 and 15 rooms. 1500 Gold
    Very Large----- Between 15 and 25 rooms. 2000 Gold

    Small       ----- About 8 enemies
    Medium    ----- About 12
    Large       ----- About 16
    Very Large----- About 32

    A submitted quest will look like this:

    1 Liberate/Recover/Intercept
    2 NPC, Blacksmith
    3 Meerah
    4 Small

    Underneath this you will put at least 3 sentences describing the mission you wish to undertake, if it is approved I will personally flesh it out and attach it to the story of the world, said mission will be played the following weekend, party members take turns submitting quests.

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