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    Alignment    Empty Alignment

    Post by Admin on Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:52 pm

    Alignments do not limit your actions, they merely gives others expectations and if your decide to make your Lawful Good character burn down a church full of orphans expect your alignment to shift.

    There are nine alignments:
    Lawful good+++Lawful neutral+++Lawful evil
    Neutral good+++True neutral+++Neutral evil
    Chaotic good+++Chaotic neutral+++Chaotic evil

    Lawful good
    Characters: The actions of a PC, who fall under this alignment, are often dictated by; Honor, Justice, Compassion, Mercy or Law as they often wish to do good in the world while upholding beliefs that are for the good of society.
    Organization: Anything that maintains both safety, order and freedom.
    In the party: Strict adherence to laws or rules can sometimes come off as preachy or even pretentious. Sometimes not wanting to do bad will lead to butting heads with other party members.

    Lawful neutral:
    Characters: A lawful neutral character acts as a law, tradition, or personal code directs. Such codes can be somewhat good-natured or cruel, but nothing extreme.
    Organization:Such an organization can be called Lawful neutral if its primary goal is to instill order, it can be a dictatorship or a republic as long as its actions are in the middle ground between Good and Evil.
    In the party: Characters who are Lawful neutral will never tell a lie, are okay with self-defense murder but will never harm an innocence. They are likely to be the most level headed member of the group as without the pull of needed to do good or evil they can find the most efficient course of action.

    Lawful evil: Characters that are considered Lawful evil follow a strict code-of-conduct, such a codes are known for their lack of mercy and compassion. If someone or something is in the way of a goal they will be removed.
    Characters: Such charters will likely not be phased by murder or even torture, they have a code that permits evil behavior but such a code is not flexible at all. Hierarchies are respected but not blindly, if a Lawful evil character sees and opportunity for advancement in rank via murder of their commander they will seize it.
    Organization: A lack of respect for personal freedoms or rights for the sake of maintaining order are commonplace ideals for Lawful evil organizations.
    In the party: Methodically and with brutal efficiency such characters will seek power. They are partial to making alliances and not going back on their word. They want to see the other members, even the chaotic ones, as a safety net if things go wrong they will hope they can rely on the party to be cohesive.

    Neutral good:
    Characters: Neutral good characters are often charitable or selfless, they do what is right regardless of laws or other's orientations. Regardless of a land's laws they will do what they see as right and help those who need it.
    Organization: Impartial and charitable groups.
    In the party: Such party members are likely to be the most "honorable" members of any group as their beliefs advocate for good in all things regardless of outside authority.

    True neutral:
    Characters: A neutral character does what seems to be a good idea at the time and doesn't necessarily believe either Lawfulness or Chaos are superior. Trying to see things from all angles they often advocate caution or even in-action before responding.
    Organization: Any group that do not take sides or try to see the merits of multiple angles can be called this.
    In the party: Such members of parties usually try to mediate plans and impartially select the best for accomplishing the task.

    Neutral evil
    Characters: Such people are out for themselves with no remorse for any harm they commit other still commit evil for its own sake.
    Organization:  Groups of these kinds of people seldom occur due to their inherent selfishness.
    In the party: Arguably worse then Chaotic evil party members as in the words of Captain Jack Sparrow:
    "You can trust a dishonest man to be dishonest, honestly, it's the honest ones you want to look out for"
    Meaning people who are upfront about their dishonesty are predicable, but Neutral evil characters seldom are and commit evil when it suits them or when opportunity presents itself.

    Chaotic good
    Characters: Such characters have little regard for structure or exceptions. They do what they feel is right their own way and with little-to-no hesitation or consideration or they could simply believe doing good for the sake of good is an all-important task leading to a disorganized/nonuniform approach.
    Organization: Groups such as Robin Hood's merry men can be considered Chaotic good.
    In the party: They will be first one to accept a contract with no price negotiation if the contract involves helping others, or rush to an injured person when it is clearly a trap. "Chaotic" does not mean "Stupid" however merely a lack of outward structure and instead an internally consistent logic that coincides with the person's personality.

    Chaotic neutral
    Characters: A chaotic neutral character acts according to their whims, no other person is more important. Submitting to any authority is not something such a person will do.
    Organization: Any such person in a group will almost always only be in that group due to a common threat.
    In the party: A Chaotic neutral party member can be relied upon to keep their word, but having them give it will be quite the task. Lack of freedom is anathema to such characters

    Chaotic evil
    Characters: Such people are slaves to their whims, be them desires of murder or greed. Others still believe with twisted logic that rules and law are for the weak and do what they can to dismantle or otherwise prove that such systems are flawed.
    Organization: Groups that are run by a "might makes right" or "survival of the fittest" principle are considered Chaotic evil.
    In the party: Such characters will often see anyone they travel with as resources to be expended, or as witnesses to gain fame through actions.

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