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    Post by Admin on Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:57 pm

    DRN(Dominant Random Number) is a roll of one six-sided dice (1d6) but with an additional bonus: if the die roll is “6,” one is subtracted, and then that die is re-rolled and added to the result. This means a single swing can potentially have 20 rolls of damage or a protection roll can completely defend against 6 weapons.

    Attack roll: attacker's Attack attribute + 1d6(DRN)

    Defense roll: defender's Defense value + 1d6(DRN)

    Damage roll: attacker's Strength attribute + weapon Damage attribute + 1d6(DRN)

    Protection roll: defender's Protection attribute + 1d6(DRN) (+ shield Protection if you have one)

    Range: Range is maximum firing distance for a missile weapon, (range)x5 is the total number of feet a projectile can travel.

    Precision: Precision + 1d6(DRN) x 5 = is the number of feet that you can accurately hit something in.

    Normally a damage roll adds the strength stat to the damage stat of the weapon, for bows however 1/3 of your strength and dexterity is added to the damage.
    Turn order is determined by the DEX stat, players always go first.
    When defending an attack (successfully or not) your defense skill is reduced by 1, it returns to normal on your turn.
    Making an attack or defense roll will incur a fatigue cost, this cost is the encumbrance number of your armor.
    At the start of your turn some of your fatigue is reduced. 1/5th of your maximum HP is what your fatigue is reduced by.
    Using a weapon and using magic both reduce your fatigue before any other step meaning if your stamina goes over 100 your attack or spell will fail.

    Dual wielding results in a penalty of -1 attack on primary and -2 attack on offhand.
    Attacking with your primary only uses half of your Main Action but still disallows minor actions.

    Each player's turn consists of:
    1 Main Action
    3 Minor Actions

    Main actions:
    Swinging a weapon
    Using a spell
    Loosing an arrow or bolt
    Re-loading a bolt

    Minor actions include but are not limited to:
    Moving 1 tile
    Re-loading a bow
    Drinking a potion
    Opening a door
    Putting your weapon away
    Pulling your other weapon out
    Flipping off an opponent

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