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    Character Sheet Explained Empty Character Sheet Explained

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    Alignment: The moral compass that guides your decisions
    Hit Points: How much damage something can take before it dies
    Stamina: Used when attacking and defending, when it reaches 100 you pass out
    Magic Resistance: Certain spells can be resisted, others can't
    Attack Skill: How effectively you can attack
    Defense Skill: How effectively you can defend yourself
    Precision: Used when aiming a bow, or landing a spell
    Strength: Strength measures bodily power, athletic training, and the extent to which you can exert raw physical force
    Dexterity: Dexterity measures agility, reflexes, and balance
    Constitution: Constitution measures health, stamina, and vital force
    Intelligence: Intelligence measures mental acuity, accuracy of recall, and the ability to reason
    Wisdom: Wisdom reflects how attuned you are to the world around you and represents perceptiveness and intuition
    Charisma: Charisma measures your ability to interact effectively with others. It includes such factors as confidence and eloquence, and it can represent a charming or commanding personality.

    Encumbrance: How your possessions weigh you down, used to calculate stamina costs

    Fortitude Score:
    Reflex Score:
    Will Score:
    Protection: Total armor value, this reduces damage

    Resisting certain spells, poisons or environmental conditions will require you make a saving throw of either Fortitude, Reflex or Will.

    It should be noted that your CON modifier is multiplied by 3, the resulting number is a boost to your starting hit points.

    Side note on modifiers: A modifier is the bonus based on the larger Primary stat, which often (but not always) affect rolls and checks

    Each Primary stat listed below starts at 8, you start with 30 points to distribute

    Primary Value
    Point Cost
    1 234568101316
    If you don't feel like doing math here are some examples

    Skill Value1-23-45-67
    Each skill maxes out at seven. What you may do after that is reset your progress, this will cost four skill points and will reset said skill to one, however for each time you do this any rolls for that skill will gain a permanent +1, so they will look like this:
    1 + 1D6 + 1
    Athletics: Your Strength (Athletics) check covers difficult situations you encounter while climbing, jumping, or swimming

    Acrobatics: Your Dexterity (Acrobatics) check covers your attempt to stay on your feet in a tricky situation

    Sleight of Hand: Whenever you attempt an act of legerdemain or manual trickery, such as planting something on someone else or concealing an object on your person

    Stealth: Make a Dexterity (Stealth) check when you attempt to conceal yourself from enemies, slink past guards, slip away without being noticed, or sneak up on someone without being seen or heard

    Concentration: Staying awake at night during your watch, or listening to a muffled conversation through a door

    Arcana(Magic Paths): Your Intelligence (Arcana) check measures your ability to recall lore about spells, magic items, eldritch symbols, magical traditions

    Knowledge(Magic Schools): Like Arcana but strictly to what has been recorded and proven

    History: Your Intelligence (History) check measures your ability to recall lore about historical events,
    legendary people, ancient kingdoms, past disputes, recent wars, and lost civilizations

    Investigation: When you look around for clues and make deductions based on those clues, you make an Intelligence (Investigation) check. You might deduce the location of a hidden object, discern from the appearance of a wound what kind of weapon dealt it, or determine the weakest point in a tunnel that could cause it to collapse. Poring through ancient scrolls in search of a hidden fragment of knowledge might also call for an Intelligence (Investigation) check.

    Nature: Your Intelligence (Nature) check measures your ability to recall lore about terrain, plants and animals, the weather, and natural cycles.

    Religion: Your Intelligence (Religion) check measures your ability to recall lore about deities, rites and prayers, religious hierarchies, holy symbols, and the practices of secret cults.

    Animal Handling: When there is any question whether you can calm down a domesticated animal, keep a mount from getting spooked, or intuit an animal’s intentions, the DM might call for a Wisdom (Animal Handling) check

    Insight: Your Wisdom (Insight) check decides whether you can determine the true intentions of a creature, such as when searching out a lie or predicting someone’s next move. Doing so involves gleaning clues from body language, speech habits, and changes in mannerisms

    Medicine: A Wisdom (Medicine) check lets you try to stabilize a dying companion or diagnose an illness

    Perception: Your Wisdom (Perception) check lets you spot, hear, or otherwise detect the presence of something. It measures your general awareness of your surroundings and the keenness of your senses

    Survival: The DM might ask you to make a Wisdom (Survival) check to follow tracks, hunt wild game, guide your group through frozen wastelands, identify signs that deer live nearby, predict the weather, or avoid quicksand and other natural hazard

    Deception: Your Charisma (Deception) check determines whether you can convincingly hide the truth, either verbally or through your actions.

    Intimidation: When you attempt to influence someone through overt threats, hostile actions, and physical violence, the DM might ask you to make a Charisma (Intimidation) check.

    Performance:  Your Charisma (Performance) check determines how well you can delight an audience with music, dance, acting, storytelling, or some other form of entertainment.

    Persuasion: When you attempt to influence someone or a group of people with tact, social graces, or good nature, the DM might ask you to make a Charisma (Persuasion) check

    Magic Paths: Death, Fire, Blood, Nature...to name a few.
    Magic Schools: Evocation, Conjuration...to name a few.
    Memorized Spells: You cant cast things you haven't memorized.

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