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       Feats    Empty Feats

    Post by Admin on Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:09 am

    Every Feat, unless specified, has a total of 10 ranks.
    Eventually there will be level requirements but that will require balancing.
    There are two kind Weapon Feats, Effectiveness and Exactness

    Effectiveness feats raise damage.
    Sword, Mace, Bow, Spear, Axe.

    Exactness feats raise attack skill.
    One-Hand, Two-Hand, Bow.

    Each advancement takes only one feat point.

    Personal Feats are limited by the corresponding primary stat, for example if you have only 9 strength you may only have 9 Value strength feats.
    What is a Value? A level one feat has a value of 1 and a level two feat has a value of 2 and so on.  


    Personal Feats:

    ---Armor Proficiency(Bludgeon)
    Reduce incoming Bludgeon Damage by 1.

    ---Armor Proficiency(Slash)
    Reduce incoming Slash Damage by 1.

    ---Shield Proficiency
    Reduce incoming Piercing Damage by 1 while holding a shield.

    ---Combat Brutality, two ranks
    Do an extra 2 damage.

    Sprint to any target you have line-of-sight with, used once per fight.

    ---Combat Slap
    Raise attack roll by 2 after rolling, can be used twice per day, hits cannot crit.

    +1 to Open Lock and Hide.

    ---Dual Strike
    +1 Attack to an enemy who has already been attacked that round.

    ---Precise Shot
    +1 Damage for arrows and bolts.

    When using a single handed weapon and no shield gain +1 attack and defense.

    Intercept all attacks in the surrounding 8 'tiles'. Can be used twice a day, lasts for 2 rounds of combat.

    Successful defense rolls allow you to move one tile back

    Each rank of this gains you +1 in Fortitude, Reflex and Will saves.

    ---Toughness, three ranks.
    When leveling you gain an additional 2 Hp for each rank of toughness, this is also applied retroactive.

    ---Sturdy Insides
    Resist one point of bleeding, poison and bane damage.

    ---Second Wind
    Refresh Stamina, 1 use per day.

    Immune to Movement debuffs and DOT effects.

    ---Higher Learning
    May use one non-elemental paths(elemental paths being Fire, Water, Air, Earth).
    Requires you be level 5

    ---Arcane Adept, three ranks
    Any single spell's Knowledge requirement is reduced by 1, this has no effect on stamina costs.

    ---Armor Penetration
    Ignore 1 armor when making damage rolls.

    ---Brains Over Brawn
    You may use your INT modifier during STR or DEX checks.

    ---Cunning Dodge
    You may choose to use your INT modifier instead of your DEX modifier for Reflex saves and Tumble checks.

    Summons now have +100% hp

    Undead summons do not disintegrate

    One Spell now has 10 fatigue cost, does not take space on your memorized list
    Requires you be level 15

    ---Initiate of Learning, two ranks
    Once a day you may add a +3 to a knowledge check.

    ---Keep Focused, one rank
    When in combat add your CON modifier to your Will save.

    Your passive perception and precision is raised by 1.

    ---Combat Barrage
    During combat you may attack an extra time, this extra attack has a penalty of -2

    +1 to Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate.

    ---Awesome Body, one rank
    Add 1 hit point per 4 points of Charisma Value

    ---Battle Cry, three ranks
    All allies nearby gain +1 to hit until the end of your next turn.

    ---Combat Intimidation, one rank
    Roll Intimidation, the target must make a Will save otherwise they flee.

    ---Fortune's Favor, one rank
    Re-roll any kind of roll

    ---Grace Gatherer, one rank
    Survival checks become 10 regardless of roll.

    ---Indomitable, two ranks
    Add a 1d10 when resisting stuns and other disabling effects.

    ---Innate Magic
    Once a day you may free cast a spell that has a School level of zero

    ---Unyielding Soul
    When any mind-affecting spell is cast on you, you may take 1d10 damage rather than be affected.

    ---Will to Live
    Your Cha replaces your Con for determining the bonus to your Fortitude saves.

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