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    Post by Admin on Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:02 pm

    Melee starts the game with 10 HP and gains 5 every level up
    The following formula dictates your starting skill points: (1+INT) * 3
    So if you have a ten for your intelligence that would be a modifier of zero, meaning your starting skill points would be 3.
    The following formula determines how many skill points you gain when leveling up:
    1 + [INT/2]
    This class starts with 150 Gold
    Fortitude Score: 3
    Reflex Score: 1
    Will Score:1
    Skill Value1234567
    Reaching a skill of 7 does not cost 4 points, the first skill cost cost is 1 as is the second bringing the cost to 2. Bringing your skill to three will net you a point expense of 4, you see the pattern here?

    Each skill maxes out at seven. What you may do after that is reset your progress, this will cost four skill points and will reset said skill to one, however for each time you do this any rolls for that skill will gain a permanent +1, so they will look like this:
    1 + 1D6 + 1
    This can be done for each skill indefinitely.
    Default attack skill, defense skill and Precision are all 1, the Melee class starts with a +1 and +2 that can be freely placed into any on these. They can be further improved via skill points. These bonuses are applied before spending points.
    The maximum level is 20, unlike other classes the melee class is allowed to take a feat at each level.
    Each class also has useful feats that are awarded on leveling, they can be found here: http://skyarch.forumotion.com/t105-class-feats-list#118
    Starting Feats:

    Armor Proficiency(Slash), Rank 2
    Shield Proficiency, Rank 1
    Exactness One-Hand, Rank 1
    Exactness Two-Hand, Rank 1

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